Executive Care

Personal Life Management Services For The Busy Professional!

We take care of the daily tasks that you do not have time for; that you simply do not want to do, or those that improve your quality of life; so you can focus on your priorities and enjoy more time for yourself.

We understand that today busy professionals face pressures of increasingly demanding schedules and lifestyles, restricting them from having time for themselves to take care of their needs and the needs of loved ones, overextended parents or out-of town visitors.

Explore our services, imagine what your life would be, and decide which ones will improve your quality of life.

Concierge Services

For busy professionals:

Routine Errands
Personalized Shopping
Auto Service/Maintenance
Dry Cleaning
Home Services
Pet Care
Bill Payments
Moving Coordination
Event Planning
Meeting/Calendar Management
Closet Organization
Delivery/Service Supervision

For their parents:

Homemaker Companions
Care Management
Medication Monitoring
Skilled Cared Services

Out-of-town Visitors:

Fun and Wellness program

Combine their visit to a medical specialist or insitution with a fun filled trip around Florida. We will arrange medical appointments, airport pick-ups, accompany through the all process. Once medical needs are met, it's time to relax! We will arrange trips to places of interest, such as restaurants, beautiful golf courses, Florida Keys and even a complete tour of Disney Word.

Arsicare Referral Network

We have established relationships with a selected number of companies that can serve you in the following fields:

Real Estate
Exclusive Memberships
Boat Charters
Chartered Aircraft, Yachts & Helicopters
Luxury Car Rentals
Premium Travels
Travel Arrangements
Private Catering
Interior Design
Household Staffing (Nannies, Chefs, Housekeepers)
In-Home Personal Services
Floral Services